Sweet Dreams Gift Set


Sweet Dreams Gift Set.

This set features the Penny and Bennett Silk Pillowslip in Moon , and Carrière Frères Botanical Palets in Damask Rose.

Moon Silk Pillowslip: The perfect accompaniment to your skin and hair care regimen. The silk pillow helps keep moisture close to skin and hair, keeping it more hydrated, minimising sleep creases, and pressure on delicate facial skin. Reducing friction on the hair prevents bed hair, dryness and damage to hair follicles. 1 standard pillowcase, 45 x 70cm. 100% Mulberry silk. Made in New Zealand.

Damask Rose Botanical Palets: Carrière Frères’ botanical palets are scented-wax objects ideal to perfume a wardrobe or drawer. Each palet is entirely hand-made in the house’s workshops. Each botanical ingredient comes from a network of local foragers handpicked for their commitment to sustainable practices. Octagonal-shapes, each palet is adorned with a green cotton ribbon: place it or hang it up wherever you want! The botanical palets box contains two palets of the same fragrance. Capacity: 55gm x 2. Diffusion: at least 6 months. Size: H: 1 cm Ø: 8,7 cm

This gift set will arrive beautifully gift-wrapped.