The Caker Flourless Dark Chocolate Pecan Cake


The Caker's Cake mixes make fantastic gifts - who doesn't love cakes! We have no doubt that it will be the best and easiest cake you and your friends have ever made.


  • Entirely Gluten Free!
  • Inside you'll find:
  • Flourless Dark Chocolate Pecan Cake Mix: Dark Chocolate Pieces (45%), Cane Sugar, Ground Almonds, and Dutch process cocoa powder.
  • Cocoa Dusting: Dutch Process Cocoa Powder
  • Instruction Card
  • Non-stick cake tin liner: For an 8 inch (or 20cm) cake tin - so there’s no need for greasing!
  • All you'll need: 5 Free Range Eggs
  • Butter or light-flavoured oil: 200g of butter 
  • 8 Inch (20cm) Cake tin: This mix will also make 9 - 12 cupcakes