A Picture of Motherhood — Charlotte Penman

We photographed Charlotte Penman for our Mother's Day muse....


A picture of motherhood. To celebrate Mother’s Day we caught up with our dear friend Charlotte Penman to take a portrait of her and her wonderful children Marcel, Florence and Celeste.

We have adored Charlotte for along time now as she has been a consistent part of the Tessuti family for many many years. As a maker (and a mother!) Charlotte continues wow us. Her work is elegant and timeless, yet wearable in busy everyday life. Charlotte herself, adored in jewels, beautifully balances the pirouette of making and motherhood. Charlotte’s presence is gracious, strong and engaged. As her vibrant family whirl around her she is both, steadfast and joins in for the dance. Thank you Charlotte, for being our Mother's Day muse. Shop all Charlotte Penman, here.

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