We believe home to be a place that mirrors one’s values, reminds us of where we’ve been and replenishes us for our days ahead. Home is a space for our family, friends and everything in between. Tessuti assists in building this sanctuary one piece at a time. Our selection of homewares, furnishings and gifts, sourced both locally and abroad from makers we respect and admire, are each chosen because they enrich our lives with a unique quality. Our store houses objects that we love, that we use in our own homes, and that we believe you, too, will enjoy. Tessuti, essentially, is our house. And like good friends, we’re here to share.


L, Vivaraise Lulu Cotton Towels - Taupe - from $15 NZD, R, Lothantique Milk Pump Soap 500mL $35 NZD


Both personal and intimate, elevate your bathroom rituals with our collection of Missoni Towels, Lothantique and Christian Tortu room fragrances, Pré de Provence soaps, F.Miller natural skin care, Baina Organic Towelling, mirrors and more...



Walker & Bing

Created by Nikki Walker and Darya Bing from their design studio in Auckland, New Zealand; Walker & Bing applies a fine art discipline to multiple textile design projects.

The Walker & Bing collection of scarves and sarongs is inspired by observations of disintegration in our physical and emotional surroundings but also inspired by the beauty still visible and inherent in our world.

Walker & Bing textiles are, first, works of art, created on themes and utilising paint, ink, print-making and drawing techniques. Once a final selection has been made, the artworks are transferred to a digital space in order to refine and prepare them for printing.


R, R+D.LAB Luisa Calice | Cameo Pink | Set of Two $275 NZD L, Oeuvres Sensibles Table Cloth - Table du Potager $1499 NZD


The best way to be with family & friends is around the dining table. A nourishing and gentle meal, stories shared over a glass of wine. Gatherings can be made simplistic and elegant by having a table with flowers, candles, favourite plates and bowls brimming with home cooked dishes, and a beautiful glass ready to fill!



Astier de Villatte — Process

Artistic inspiration and creative energy drawn from things forgotten...


CABANA Magazine No16

A magazine about intimacy, exploring the close relationship each person has with interiors and design, not only grand rooms, but the smaller details or objects that makes a space feel unique and personal...