We believe home to be a place that mirrors one’s values, reminds us of where we’ve been and replenishes us for our days ahead. A living, shapeable space that adapts through the seasons and hums with the energy of its owner. Our philosophy for Tessuti has always been focused on building that sanctuary one piece at a time. Our selection of homewares, furnishings and gifts, sourced both locally and abroad from makers we respect and admire, are each chosen because they enrich our lives with a unique quality. Our store houses objects that we love, that we use in our own homes, and that we believe you, too, will enjoy. Tessuti, essentially, is our house. And like good friends, we’re here to share...


R, Candlelit Garland Card $12.50 NZD, L, Sobre Cake Stand $459.00 NZD, Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf Cake Kit $30.90 NZD


A season that can come in any size, shape or form, Christmas is above all a time to come together. Our selection of objects, wares, and gifts enable the sentiment of love, gratitude, and celebration to expand into something tangible: a clink of champagne, a row of glowing candles, a hand written card, a golden clasp at the back of the neck.



Baina Organic Towelling

BAINA is an Antipodean brand of curated towelling, founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. Their contemporary, organic cotton towels are designed to elevate your daily bathing routine. Committed to creating timeless collections, BAINA takes a mindful approach to craftsmanship and materiality. Made in Portugal, Baina works with GOTS certified organic cotton and produces with one of Europe’s most established mills to develop their considered offering.



R, Peggy Bonbonnière $389 NZD, Olympe Vase (small) $349.00 NZD, (medium) $389.00 NZD, (large) $629.00 NZD $298.00 NZD L, Italian Marble Grapes (large) $845.00 NZD, (medium) $729.00 NZD


Our homes should be a place that echoes our values, reminds us of where we've been and replenishes us for our days ahead. It is a space for family and friends, new memories, old memories, and everything in between. Build your sanctuary one piece at a time.



Starter — Ceviche + Cocktails

Inspired by our recent trip to Marseille...


The Festive Table

Elegant suggestions for your Christmas table settings...