We believe home to be a place that mirrors one’s values, reminds us of where we’ve been and replenishes us for our days ahead. Home is a space for our family, friends and everything in between. Tessuti assists in building this sanctuary one piece at a time. Our selection of homewares, furnishings and gifts, sourced both locally and abroad from makers we respect and admire, are each chosen because they enrich our lives with a unique quality. Our store houses objects that we love, that we use in our own homes, and that we believe you, too, will enjoy. Tessuti, essentially, is our house. And like good friends, we’re here to share.


R, Astier de Villatte Villa Médicis Ceramic Candle 220g $249 NZD L,Astier de Villatte Tucson Parfum 100mL $309 NZD


A sensory experience starts with inspiration. Discover our selection of hand-made natural home fragrances and perfumes created by the world's most vibrant perfume houses. Expect to be transported from an Italian Sorrento lemon orchard to the delicate night-blooming tuberose of the South of France...



Oeuvres Sensibles

Sarah Espeute is a french Artist-Designer who appreciates and works on decorative elements as if they were sensitive pieces, Oeuvres sensibles.

The tablecloths are designed by Sarah and then hand embroidered by independent artists in Marseille who also share the love for embroidery. It is a small, local and caring production.

Sarah's tablecloth pieces, embroidered as trompe-l’oeil, recall poetic and convivial scenes of shared meals. Everyday familiar cherished stories and memories emanate from this imagery, inhabiting Sarah’s pieces with a timeless feeling. It is in this spirit of remembrance that Sarah carefully selects old linen and cotton fabrics to design authentic pieces, then modernised by a minimalist embroidery. She subtly magnifies the tablecloth, turning it into a sensitive and delicate piece recalling universal feelings, while maintaining its usual and practical function.

The fabrics are linen & cotton sheets collected from private individuals all over France. They are between 50 and 100 years old. Each sheet has a family history. They have been carefully selected and cleaned before being resized.


R, R+D.LAB Sepia Brown Luisa 1LT Carafe $280 NZD,Luisa Calice Set of Two $275 NZD, Hopsack Linen Placemat Mattone Red (set of 2) $162 NZD L, Maison de Vacances Gingham Linen Napkin Noisette Set of 2 $76.50 NZD


The best way to be with family & friends is around the dining table. A nourishing and gentle meal, stories shared over a glass of wine. Gatherings can be made simplistic and elegant by having a table with flowers, candles, favourite plates and bowls brimming with home cooked dishes, and a beautiful glass ready to fill!



Déjeuner à Deux

Bathing our table in the flavours of spring... 


Tea Time

Throughout history, tea has always been a vehicle for connection...