We believe home to be a place that mirrors one’s values, reminds us of where we’ve been and replenishes us for our days ahead. Home is a space for our family, friends and everything in between. Tessuti assists in building this sanctuary one piece at a time. Our selection of homewares, furnishings and gifts, sourced both locally and abroad from makers we respect and admire, are each chosen because they enrich our lives with a unique quality. Our store houses objects that we love, that we use in our own homes, and that we believe you, too, will enjoy. Tessuti, essentially, is our house. And like good friends, we’re here to share.


R, F. Miller Skincare Necessity Kit - 5 Products $220 NZD L, Lesse Ritual Serum $110 NZD


Elevate your daily beauty routine with our selection of artisanal and natural skincare. Specialty oils, blended creams and balms from a small collection of makers have been each created with ethically sourced ingredients and scientific care. Good enough to eat, our range of skincare feels as good on your skin as it does on your conscience.



Anke Drechsel

Anke Drechsel is a German textile designer and internationally recognised brand, founded in 1986 and renowned for exclusive hand-embroidered home textiles and accessories.

Anke believes that real luxury lies in true craftsmanship. Her quality fabrics are dyed to her own colour specifics, and her exclusive designs are then individually embroidered on the frame, piece by piece, in her atelier by master craftsmen.
As a result, the collections have a continuous flow and unique style and can be "mixed & matched" to create a harmonious living space.


R, Weebits Hand Knitted Classic Cardigan $92 NZD, Acorn Beanie $39.50 NZD L, FLATOUTbear Baby $61.50 NZD


While as not to saturate the needs of a sweet newborn child, we have chosen a small but exceptional range of children's wear and toys. Knitted vests, booties, hats and blankets sit alongside imaginative toys and story books, each a perfect gift made to be passed down through to future generations.



J. Hannah Colour Theory

A glimpse at the interdisciplinary influences that inspire J Hannah nail polishes...


Mother's Day Muse

Ophelia af m Jones visits mother Yasmine Ganley at home in Titirangi...