We believe home to be a place that mirrors one’s values, reminds us of where we’ve been and replenishes us for our days ahead. Home is a space for our family, friends and everything in between. Tessuti assists in building this sanctuary one piece at a time. Our selection of homewares, furnishings and gifts, sourced both locally and abroad from makers we respect and admire, are each chosen because they enrich our lives with a unique quality. Our store houses objects that we love, that we use in our own homes, and that we believe you, too, will enjoy. Tessuti, essentially, is our house. And like good friends, we’re here to share.


L, Kau Earrings $205.00 NZD, R, Rustica Emerald Fine Ring | 14k Gold $840.00 NZD,

Charlotte Penman Jewellery

Inspired by nature, 20th century icons and antiquity jewels, New Zealand-based artist Charlotte Penman works precious metals and a range of gemstones, sourced from around the world, into each of her collections. Designed with love and to compliment the female form, Charlotte's jewellery can be worn as amor, amulet or keepsake.




LESSE is a new way of thinking about organic skin care. A transformative ritual to elevate skin in a myriad of ways. Converging high performance botanicals and sustainable practices for an effective but gentle solution for skin and planet.

In Lesse's world, less is more. This philosophy takes shape in their elevated ritual and a discerning edit of only the essential. Limited but highly effective organic products that prioritise skin’s health and our irreplaceable Earth.

Lesse's approach is uncompromising; equally focused on quality and consciousness. From growing many of their ingredients to using innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions. An ongoing commitment they have had to our planet since day one, and a path guiding them towards their goal of carbon neutrality by 2024.

"Like so many, I never felt represented by this industry. It was always a world of aspiration, not inclusion. LESSE is our response to this archaic paradigm. We believe organic skincare is a universal necessity, transcending binaries and essential to our individual and collective health. Our focus is on creating real solutions for common and chronic skin concerns through products that are truly effective and considerate of the Earth. But more than skincare, this is a space created for representation, sustainability and integrity within the industry. Where we can celebrate the infinite modes of beauty that already exist within you. LESSE is a new way of thinking about skincare. A homage to you and all of us. The multitudes that we are, all that we encompass. Welcome."

Neada Deters, Founder


R, Simple Pitcher (Large) $525 NZD L, Setsuko Acorn & Oak Leaf Bowl $176 NZD, Setsuko Ivy Leaf Saucer $139 NZD

Astier de Villatte

Astier de Villatte ceramics are handmade in their Parisian workshops. Each piece is unique, as a result of manual work and the natural method of drying. The white enamel allows an irregular glimpse of the brown clay underneath.The production of ceramic objects is a long and delicate process. Each piece is entirely made by one craftsperson. In fact, you can find engraved on each piece the initials of Astier de Villatte and of the craftsperson who made it.



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