Astier de Villatte & Pré de Provence

Celebrating the most magnifique pair for the bathroom: Astier de Villatte ceramic soap dishes & Pré de Provence soap...

Celebrating the most magnifique bathroom pair: Astier de Villatte ceramic soap dishes & Pré de Provence soap.

Astier de Villatte— Handmade in Paris, each piece of ceramic is unique as a result of manual work. Through the process of natural drying and use of white enamel we catch glimpses of the brown clay beneath that has been worked into position. These two soap dishes are named after ancient Gods: Neptune and Aphrodite. In Roman mythology Neptune is God of Sea and in Greek Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love.

Pré de Provence— Made in Provence, these soaps use all pure and natural ingredients. Every bar is quad-milled for generous and smooth lathe to create a luxurious feel on the hands and body. The scents used are classic and delicate on skin, notes of sage and sea salt. Aromatic fragrances to transport you into a moment of calmness, vitality, dreaming, or well-being.

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Pré de Provence Soap 150g $15 NZD
Neptune Soap Dish $325 NZD
Aphrodite Soap Dish $249 NZD
Coconut Soap 150g $15 NZD
Freesia Soap 150g $15 NZD
Pré de Provence Soap 150g $15 NZD
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