Astier de Villatte — Ring Cup

The charm of elegant utilitarian ceramics...

French ceramic house Astier de Villatte works with an extended group of skilled makers and crafts people to create their highly intriguing body of work, one-off pieces that reflect the artist's character, and evoke emotive (and sometimes humorous) storytelling.

Serna Carone is a contemporary artist with the lively spirit of a craftsperson who can make anything with her hands and the right tools. The self-taught sculptor handles materials without prejudice, and her creations cross boundaries. Feeling everything with her hands, Serena works across different materials, such as plaster, clay, paper, metal, "found objects", and daily necessities. She is also the designer of the famous Astier de Villatte Ring Cups....

Serena Carone's works are freewheeling, her ring cups are decorated white shells, women's portraits, flowers and eyes — a kitschy yet classic Astier de Villatte vibe. Another collaboration that reveals the brand's playful and even mischievous quality.

"I do love exquisite craftwork, but I'm also drawn to pieces influenced by Baroque art, which creates feelings of insecurity through mismatch and imbalance. When I create, I feel like I am walking a thin line between overly kitsch and fine antiques created with great artisanship." — Serena Carone.
Astier de Villatte Heart On Hand Ring Cup, $392
Astier de Villatte Shell Ring Cup, $392.
Astier de Villatte Pink Flower Ring Cup, $392.
Astier de Villatte Four Leaf Clover Ring Cup, $392
Astier de Villatte Lapis Lazuli and Pearls Ring Cup, $392

Each Ring Cup comes in a Astier de Villatte Ring Cup Box.

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