CABANA Magazine No16

A magazine about intimacy, exploring the close relationship each person has with interiors and design, not only grand rooms, but the smaller details or objects that makes a space feel unique and personal...

Founded by Martina Mondadori, Christoph Radl and Gianluca Reina in 2014, CABANA Magazine aims to inspire a new generation of globe trotters, taking them on a journey through sophistication, obsessive collecting, colours and fabrics.

The biannual publication is a collectible objet d'art in itself, from its variants of each cover in partnership with the likes of Pierre Frey, Gucci, Dedar and Etro, to its stunning photography and unique feature layouts. It is truly a celebration of the medium of print, set on an array of beautiful types of paper, the collectable magazine offers readers a truly immersive experience in the world of Cabana...

CABANA Magazine No.16, with textured covers by Cabana x Schumacher, features the opulence of the house of art historian and Old Masters dealer Mark Broch in Holland, the coziness of the Studio Peregalli in the heart of Milan seen through the lens of Francois Halard, and a portfolio on what William Kent is all about: architecture, gardens and furniture. Other stories spotlight Canary Island, Morocco, and Italy. Every page is truly inspiring.
CABANA Magazine No.16, $100.00
Weighing well over 1kg, CABANA Magazine is filled with interior design, lifestyle, architecture and all related luxuries. Shop CABANA Magazine No.16 [here]
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