Château de Fabrègues by Pierre Yovanovitch

"...a living place, a place of research, projects, meetings, imagination and freedom." 

Built in the seventeenth century and nestled among the hills is French interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch's château in the south of France. Four round towers, topped with glazed tiles that symbolize the four seasons, frame this distinctively Provençal architecture embedded in its surrounding vegetation.

Working for nearly five years with exceptional craftsmen, passion and determination, together they brought this fading building back to life, along with the original garden which had vanished. Filled with 20th-century art and design, the residence has become the designer's haven of peace. It is the full and complete expression of his taste - a sort of living manifesto.

Château de Fabrègues by Pierre Yovanovitch.
Château de Fabrègues by Pierre Yovanovitch.
"Fabrègues embodies my vision. The art works seem to interact with each other, with the environment itself, creating the soul of the estate."
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