Christmas is Coming

Easing into the festive season...  

We have arrived. December is here... It is time to ease into the festive season, gently and kindly, without putting extra stress on ourselves.

This year we are reaching for The Caker mixes for our festive celebrations. The Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake, piled with fresh summer fruits, paired with bubbles and desert is done! This is the most decadent and glorious cake which we have enjoyed again and again. It comes with edible 24k gold leaf so you can make the surface of the cake sparkle or cover the berries, like we have, to mimic a starry, starry night. We also love the Lemon Strawberry Poppyseed Cake Kit with its light, moist and not-too-sweet flavours, reminding us of the summer season. Keep decorations simple with fresh cut flowers from the garden dotted around the house. Rejoice with loved ones and toast yourself for getting through a year like no other. A new year is coming! Shop The Caker, here.


Photography by Ophelia Mikkelson Jones and Ryder Jones.
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