Festive Feasting — Please Be Seated

Setting the table, setting the mood...

Setting the table also means setting the mood of an evening. Scattered wild flowers. Bowls of hazelnuts, bronze chutney and golden peppers. Little offerings seem inviting and exciting. Drawing from the tones of star ingredients we can pull from colours that reflect the season: deep crimson, citrus orange and green... Two recipes and a film follow below.

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Setting the Table

Pomegranate & Garden Greens with Fresh Goats Cheese

—A basket of garden greens and herbs such as parsley and mint

—The seeds and juice of a pomegranate

—Goats cheese

—1tbs olive oil

—The juice of a lemon

—Salt and pepper to taste

Place all the greens and herbs in a bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper onto green. Toss gently. Add the pomegranate and goats cheese on top. Toss once and serve.

Purple Cabbage and Apple

—One small organic purple cabbage

—2 green apples

—1 cup of greek yogurt

—1-2 tbs of whole egg mayonnaise if desired

—A handful of dried blueberries (or currents or raisins)

—A handful of chopped almonds

—Half a cup of chopped parsley

—Juice of half a lemon

—1/4 tsp of chili (if you like a but spice)

—Salt and pepper to taste

Cut apple into match sticks and pour over lemon at the bottom of a large bowl. Chop cabbage finely and place over apple. Add the yogurt and mayonnaise. Stir evenly. Scatter in all other ingredients and stir again. Serve!

Festive Feasting
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