Gathering Around The Fire

Pull a chair up to the fire and shuffle the pack of cards... 

As living beings we gather for warmth, around each other, around sources of heat. Winter is a time to gather together around the open fire. To be indoors and to be rugged up. A blanket pulled around the waist: “keep your kidneys warm” a thought appears in your mothers voice. Sippers on. Hair dry. A good book or long card game begins by lamp light… The smell of incense and sap fills the air. As we hibernate let it be with a glass of something, let it be with an old friend, let it be in comfort.

Introducing the Balthus Floor Lamp by Astier de Villatte, the Chill Chair by Nanna Ditzel & Motley Hand Loomed Blanket by Forestry Wool.

Gathering around the fire
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