Lake House — Baina

"a reminder to seek refuge from the daily hum..."

Referencing the eclectic interiors in places of retreat, BAINA’s newest design is inspired by the Lake House. A place where one disconnects and finds solitude.

Defined by the pairing of a classic stripe and an embroidered gridded check, the Lake House Stripe is offered in a hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet and bath mat. Realised in a deep caper and chalk, the colour way is fresh, while conjuring a familiarity within the bathroom space.

Each piece plays with a balance of texture and colour, creating a modern stripe that is visually refined. We always consider how BAINA will pair back with existing styles, and this collection pairs beautifully with lake, Ivory and Clay. The introduction of new styles can breathe fresh perspective on existing designs.
Baina Lake House Stripe Hand Towel
“We both agree there is a sense of familiarity with this collection, a timelessness that feels nostalgic and completely unique to anything else in the BAINA range. The Lake House collection is transportive and a reminder to seek refuge from the daily hum." BAINA Founders
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