Max Thomson — Paintings from the Studio

Tessuti is pleased to present Paintings from the Studio by Max Thomson...


Tessuti is pleased to present Paintings from the Studio— a showing of works by our long time friend and artist Max Thomson.

Max's practice is a celebration of the everyday: a vase holding three stems of hydrangea on the counter top, pockets of green tucked away in the city, a path well worn winding through the trees. They are collections of the familiar and the profound: a still life, a country lane, a plant bursting with bloom keep forever alive in the stroke of his paint brush. Join us as we toast these works Saturday the 27th of March from 2pm onwards. See more of Max's work, here.

It seems everything: each painting, each photograph, each object in his home holds a story, a memory… and like Max’s paintings, each one draws you in to its beautiful and captivating world.

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