Missoni Home

Celebrating 60 years of the vibrant design house Missoni. 

Missoni installs vigour and flamboyancy into the home like no other knows how. Explosions of colour, line and geometrics are layered together and repeated— dancing in a gleeful and continuous tarantella!


A celebration of textile design (in a world of throwaway and ever changing trends) each Missoni item and object is a piece of functional artwork that brings an enchanting and dramatic presence into a room. Spanning over six decades, its unmistakable energy is alive more than ever through textures and patterns that are undoubtedly and only, Missoni.

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Missoni Woody
Missoni Wilfred
Missoni Warren
Missoni Warren
Missoni Rex Sky Blue
Missoni Walbert

“The truly miraculous thing about Missoni Home is there is an entire new collection each year; this company does not rest on its laurels, does not stagnate …ever. Each collection builds on and enhances the one before while also exploring new directions and attitudes. Part of this magic is that they are a multi-disciplinary textile house; they actually choose production techniques that best serve the design and pattern. Texture and light play are all part of the Missoni experience. They produce textiles that are a visceral as well as a visual feast.” — Fiona at Spence & Lyda

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