MOOD — The Scottish Summer House of Annabel Astor

The most charming summer cottage on this island of Jura...

Tucked into the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, the island of Jura still beholds a wild and isolated beauty. Fields of green, rocky inlets and white-sand beaches make up the most part of this untouched landscape.

Somewhere peppered on the island is the holiday home of Annabel Astor, founder of interior design firm OKA, and her husband William Astor. Their 'fair-weather' summer cottage is the most charming magical retreat, something made up in a dream or in the pages of a child's book. It is a home "where the fires always roar at night, sofas are deep and comfortable, delicious food abounds and the drinks room is always stocked..." Let us escape in our imaginations and find ourselves here with a big stack of books and a long drink at our sides.
Credits: House and Garden Magazine / Tim Beddow.
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