Mother's Day Muse

Ophelia af m Jones visits mother Yasmine Ganley at home in Titirangi...

A picture of motherhood. To celebrate Mother’s Day we visited long-time Tessuti collaborator Yasmine Ganley to take a portrait of her and her children Emily and James.

Being a mother is to be a juggler— some sort of magical magician in a colourful circus that awaits you each morning. Our dear friend Yasmine is just that- a magical magician. One who builds creative communities, conversation and holds space for collaboration. She is the Editor of ISLAND magazine, founder + editor of anyonegirl.com and anyonebooks. Yasmine has been a part of the Tessuti family for many years. Her generous, warm and overflowing spirit spills into the fabric of everything we do at Tessuti.

In the coming season, Yasmine is carving out pockets of time for herself, making sure to stretch her body and eat more greens. The juggle looks more like a dance on her - rhythmic, effortless and energised. In her home the music is always turned up loud. In her garden the flowers are always overhead. Thriving, natural and abundant.
Text and imagery by Ophelia af m Jones
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Little James exploring in the garden.
Thank you to Yasmine and Ophelia for our Mother's Day feature.
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