Mother's Day Muse — Greta van der Star

a picture of motherhood...

This Mother’s Day we celebrate our dear friend and muse, photographer Greta van der Star.

We visited Greta and her family at their beautiful midcentury Titirangi home early one Autumn morning. The way the light falls in their home is enchanting, spilling in from all angles. Amber walls wrap the space in warmth and, even though we have visited many times before, we are mesmerised by the feeling here.

Greta and her husband Tim are in the kitchen making breakfast (the wonderful thing about friends who are also mothers is that they invite you for breakfast at 8am because you have all been up for hours anyway!). In their kitchen there is always a pot of tea at the ready or homemade broth on the stove...

Greta is warm, caring and discerning. She is a master of her craft. The images she creates are both bold and soft, calm and striking. Her lens is one we have cherished for many years here at Tessuti.

With the last of the season's figs from their tree Greta and her sweet son Fen made a beautiful Fig Tart in the morning sun, laden with pillows of yogurt and sweet honey, a perfect dish for little helping hands.

Thank you for having us Greta!

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