Mother's Day Muse — Olivia Moon

a home with a love for texture and comfort...

A picture of motherhood.

Introducing our dear friend, and this year's Mother’s Day Muse: Olivia Moon of Nodi. We visit Olivia and her two children at home for morning tea...

Upon entering Olivia’s home you can tell that each space has been meticulously considered. Her love of texture and comfort is apparent. There are unexpected nooks and cosy corners at every turn, ones that invite you to get down onto the floor with her. So we do. Being with Olivia is to be pulled into her calm. Her gentleness is married with humour and an evident importance of connection. While her children whirl around her, she makes us tea and shows us the fruit trees: quince, fig, and more, all towering overhead, lining the garden which hums with birdsong. Her other child, Nodi rugs, is an exploration of knots, natural fibre and the handmade. A Nodi rug is designed for the home as an object to foster bonds and host celebration, the anchor of a room to invite people to both play and relax. To bring comfort and warmth underfoot, to lay in the dappled sun with a pile of books.
Images by Ophelia Mikkelson Jones for Tessuti
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