New Arrivals — Astier de Villatte

One-of-a-kind ceramic pieces handmade in Paris...

Perhaps one of the most stunning deliveries from the French ceramic house Astier de Villatte has arrived in store...

The one-of-a-kind collection, handmade from their Parisian workshop, includes their beloved Ring Cups, a selection of large flower vases, and the most elegant of tableware, each punctuated with remarkable and delicate detailing. If each object we own and use is a remark on our values, then living with Astier de Villatte is to say, I celebrate beauty with intention.

Astier de Village invites the idea of amplifying your everyday with love and slowness, affording you the time to enjoy life and all of its magic. Sometimes there is humour, and sometimes delicacy is present, but both qualities exist in the craftsmanship of each their ceramic pieces. It feels as if there is a story to be told, or maybe a new one to be written...
Astier de Villatte Casper Vase, $669
Astier de Villatte Astrakhan Vase, $749.
Astier de Villatte Rocaille Vase, $489.
Astier de Villatte Fleurs Platter, $249
Neptune Dinner Plate, $147.
See all new Astier de Villatte in store and online [here]
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