NEW IN STORE — Astier de Villatte

Handmade ceramic vases, platters, ornaments and more... 

There is an unmistakably human element in all that Astier de Villatte creates. Not only in the way that each product is hand created, but also in the content of each object, there is something familiar, sometimes humorous, sometimes fantastical, but always driven by storytelling.

We have received a new collection of Astier de Villatte ceramics into store, including fresh vases, pitchers, fruit stands, mushrooms and more...

Fleurs Teapot, $625
Eiffel Tower Platter $798
Jasmin Vase, $995
Citrouille Vase, $1425
Astier de Villatte ceramic vase collection.
Cambridge Vase, $359
Mushroom Ornament (Mother), $479
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