New — Italian Marble Fruits

Hand carved and painted life size works of art...

New to store is a small collection of hand-carved and hand-painted Italian Marble Fruits, including grapes and a variety of pears.

Handmade in Italy, each life size pear is made from a solid piece of natural Carrara Marble, sourced from the same quarries from which Michaelangelo created his famous masterpieces. The amber grapes are carved from natural alabaster, featuring a natural fruit stem for an accent of realism. Each fruit is truly a sculpture and painting all in one...

Italian Marble Pears Brown $294
Italian Marble Pears Red, Green and Brown
Astier de Villatte Peggy Vase $310, Italian Marble Pear Red $349, Astier de Villatte Clarabelle Wine Glass $162.
Green, Red and Brown Italian Marble Fruits in Astier de Villatte Peggy Fruit Stand
Italian Marble Fruit, Grapes Medium $689 and Large $794
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