New — Maison de Vacances

The independent French brand that champions the feeling of a vacation at home...

Inspired by the ritual of sharing meals, Maison de Vacances table linens are designed to be part of everyday lunches and dinners full of friends and family, big or small.

Their selection of table cloths, napkins and aprons are made from natural linens that combine timeless elegance with relaxed comfort, evoking a style - in the spirit of their namesake - which translates as “vacation home” in French. The perfect feel for the summer months ahead...

Gingham Linen Napkin, Fusain, Set of Two, $64
Gingham Linen Table Cloth Square, Crème, $255
Founded in 1995, independent French company Maison de Vacances is designed and managed by former fashion designers and art directors Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac. “Dress up your interiors as you wanna be dressed up” is their motto — which explains their playful approach to the evolution of trend and lifestyle, utilising colour but not at the sake of quality.
Gingham Linen Table Cloth, Fusain, from $345
Gingham Linen Apron, Laurier, $135
Gingham Linen Table Cloth, Crème, from $345
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