Slow Design Florence

'Without words, without writing, and without books there would be no history, there could be no concept of humanity.' — Hermann Hesse


New to Tessuti is Libri Muti — a notebook collection by Slow Design made completely by hand in Florence, Italy, using the crafts of ancient printing and binding techniques. A selection of covers from literary classics inspires one to record their stories, thoughts, lists, or ideas.

To build new habits into our day, we are celebrating the art of journaling and all of its benefits, encouraged, of course, by Slow Design's Founders Roberto di Filitto and Nathalie Schneidera's revitalisation of the commonest of objects: notebooks with vigour and spirit...

Each hand bound notebook, with a reinterpreted classic title, features a hand coloured slice, and is made from PEFC + Acid free paper.
Slow Design Libri Muti, $72 each
"Design today must go beyond form, beyond aesthetics.” – Roberto di Filitto and Nathalie Schneider of Slow Design, Italy.
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