Stay, summer, stay — just a little longer. 

An ode to the last few days of the season..... 

This is a celebration of sun-filled afternoons. Sipping on ice cold drinks in the garden as day turns to dusk. Being with friends. Sharing sunblock. Making salads and getting fish and chips. It is the sound of cicadas and the sounds of the sea.

This is summer— and as an ode to the last few days of the season, this, is a sunset recipe to use up all the oranges and lemons that have been sitting on the window sill as decoration.

You need - 1 large ripe orange, 1/2 a small lemon, 1 bottle of sparkling or tonic water, ice cubes, 1 lime to garnish, honey for your lips, herbs from the garden, mint or basil.

Cut the orange in half and juice, carefully removing any seeds. Divide the orange juice evenly between two tumblers. Add desired spirit to bring glass to a third full. Add the lemon, then place 3 to 4 ice cubes in each glass. Top with sparkling. Fill to the top.

Add a squeeze of lime juice, herbs or honey around the edge of the glass if desired. Serve immediately.

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