Storm & India Tea Sisters

We invite you to a tea tasting event in store this Friday.

Storm & India grew up on an organic farm in rural Tasmania. They were raised surrounded by fruit orchards, fresh produce and a love of the land.

Making and drinking tea has always played a cherished part in their everyday routines, even as children. Storm recalls drinking fresh and fruity teas in summer and sipping on warm and gentle chai in the cold winter months. For the past five years they have been living in New Zealand and growing their family business here.

We would love for you to join us this Friday for a Tea Tasting event with the Storm & India Tea Sisters. From 11am onwards you are welcome to try, taste and smell the beautiful teas that we love. And learn more about the holistic benefits of the everyday ritual of drinking a cup of tea.

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Afternoon Detox $50 NZD
Morning Detox $50 NZD
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