Summer List Series 05: A Message To The Morning Playlist

A playlist for rising in the early morning...

Dawn is a sacred time of day. When the sky is full of gentle colour and the day is new and quiet. In these times, as the world begins to awaken, we rise with the sun and carve out space for reflection and intention. A hot drink, a pen and paper, a morning song…

A Message to the Morning is a playlist by Ryder Jones. Beginning with Our Prayer by The Beach Boys right through to Solange and Rosalìa, this playlist takes us from waking to ready. Ryder is an artist and writer. His practice imbues a tone and atmosphere that could only be his. With a focus on found materials and collected impressions he makes objects, rooms and worlds through both sculpture and fiction.

Listen to the playlist, here. Thank you, Ryder!

Our Prayer — The Beach Boys

Be Still — The Beach Boys

Open — Rhye

Morning Is My Godmother — Bill Callahan

Blues Run the Game — Jackson C. Frank

Life On Mars — Seu Jorge

That's Us — Arthur Russel

Message to the Morning
A Message to the Morning

Misty Morning — Bob Marley

Can't Take My Eyes off You — Frankie Valli

Don't Leave Me — Harry Nilsson

Mr. Sandman — The Chordettes

Binz — Solange

Tearz — El Michels Affair

Bagdad — Rosalìa

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