Sunday — Afternoon Tea

Taking idle time to awaken the imagination...

To welcome in the first weekend of summer, we're allowing our Sunday afternoon to be guided by the natural power of Purple Shiso leaves, found in the delicious Shiso Daydream Tea, handmade in California by Leaves and Flowers.

It is recommended to drink this tea for any time of day, but especially in the afternoon to awaken the imagination. It's a lovely thought: for summer to be a time when we amplify our idle thoughts, let our minds drift into new territory, allowing for fresh perspectives and new ideas that can lead us into the new year...

Afternoon Tea was originally introduced as a light snack to keep one going through the day, from lunchtime to late supper. Hot tea and freshly baked goods have maintained to be the most popular of options. We served our recent afternoon tea, with a simple loaf, some freshly picked garden flowers, and, of course, friends and family... 
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