Take Care of Yourself

Gentle self-care activities to help you rejuvenate and reset... 

The past few years have been so gigantic, in terms of change, it is hard to process everything that is happening. But as one of the world's leading spiritual masters Thich Nhat Hanh has recently reminded us, that if we cannot care for ourselves, how can we try to care for anyone else.

This rang true for us, and so this week we are looking at ways in which we can help serve our Tessuti community with gentle activities to assist you through this time...

SLEEP — The Penney + Bennett Silk Pillowslip is the perfect accompaniment to your skin and hair care regimen. The silk pillow helps keep moisture close to skin and hair, keeping it more hydrated, minimising sleep creases, and pressure on delicate facial skin. Reducing friction on the hair prevents bed hair, dryness and damage to hair follicles and hair extensions. 1 standard pillowcase, 45 x 70cm. 100% Mulberry silk. Made in New Zealand.
Penney + Bennett Silk Pillowslip, Moon, $99.

READ — Lockdown is the perfect time to get curious. Teach yourself a new skill, or read into a subject you've always loved. Our pick is The Architecture of Trees, by Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi. This gorgeous book is an essential addition to the library of architects, designers, botanists, and anyone fascinated by trees and by nature in all its varieties.

This lavish large-format volume features more than 400 exquisite quill-pen illustrations of 211 tree species. Each is drawn to a scale of 1:100, with and without foliage, complete with tables of seasonal color variations and projections of shadows cast during the hours of daylight and season by season. The Architecture of Trees, $255.

Photography by Ophelia Mikkelson.
SELF CARE — Begin small. Take half an hour to tap out of your day and its demands. We prescribe The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit from Bare Hands, an at-home nail care kit that nourishes, strengthens, and shines for a healthy, polished natural nail. Using only high-quality ingredients that support the skin’s natural functions, the kit is designed to achieve a perfect balance of moisture and fast absorption.
Bare Hands Dry Gloss Manicure Kit, $69.

BATHE — Water is a yin element, it's quality is feminine, meaning that any exposure to the element of H2o will invigorate your sensual side. Water has the ability to change shape and characteristics, which is no wonder why a soak or a shower can transform you - from morning to day, action to rest, energy to calm.

We love BAINA for a luxurious end to our daily bathing moments. Their 100% Organic Cotton bath towels comes with a luxuriously soft handle. It features a single sided sweeping ribbed arch detail, in a neutral clay coloured hue. BAINA Cove Bath Towel, Clay, $110

SOLO — Time on your own should be rejuvenating. Take the extra time of lockdown to remind yourself of the things you love to do. Or perhaps even teach yourself a new skill! The Mouro Portable Table Lamp was created with adaptability in mind. this portable lamp offers a flexible solution for both interior and outdoor lighting. Designed by Patricia Perez for Case Furniture, Mouro is the name of the lighthouse in Perez’s hometown, which served as the main point of reference in the design process. The Mouro Lamp is dimmable with 3 settings and a rotating 360-degree central element, allowing easy adjustments to light direction and ambience...
The Mouro Portable Table lamp, $449.

SKIN — The excuse we always use is that we never have enough time for a structured skin care regime. Now is your time to indulge and treat your skin to the hydrating effects of F.Miller's potent yet lightweight Face Oil, a nutrient-dense oil that delivers multi-correctional results to skin.

This multi-tasking blend of 22 active botanicals leaves skin visibly hydrated, nourished and glowing from within. Formulated to restore radiance, balance and decongest, soothe inflammation, enhance elasticity and fortify skin against environmental elements. Ideal for dry, oily, reactive, and sensitive skin types. F.Miller Face Oil, 30ml, $135.

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