Tea Time

Throughout history, tea has always been a vehicle for connection...

For us, tea is a symbol of togetherness. Acting as a vehicle to bring us into the present and awaken our senses, tea also has the ability to slow one's pace. While we are in the depths of winter, with spring trying very hard to bear its head, it can feel like a busy time of year.

This week's combination of tea blends, incense, perfume and reading material, are a reminder to take a moment to be curious: Black tea infused incense, with its scent of dried hay and slight smokiness of tobacco; An ethereal perfume fragrance of rich Chinese tea that creates a wisp of warm spices and honey. Leave and Flowers Tea is about appreciating the aromas, revelling in the feeling of connection, and letting each unique tea blend's exotic plants and spices transport you to future memories and possibilities...

NEW IN — Journal du Thé magazine invites the reader to explore contemporary tea culture. Created by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck and Tilmann S. Wendelstein, Journal du Thé wonders what it is that makes tea a force which allows us to slow down and grant serene moments to our lives. It is said that what makes a teapot a teapot is the empty space inside. Likewise, this publication sets out to explore space, in this case: the space surrounding a cup of tea. With a curious and playful eye, Journal du Thé investigates the palette of cultures and feelings contained within tea practices and their power to overcome borders.
Journal du Thé, Chapter 03, $54.50
David Mellor Design, Stainless Steel Teapot - 500mL
NEW IN — Elevate your tea time experience with this elegant David Mellor stainless-steel teapot. As one of the great 20th century designers with an international reputation for his cutlery, this object is designed by his talented son, Corin Mellor.
Created in keeping with the company’s long tradition of fine metalwork design, the teapot holds a capacity of 500ml, and boasts a perfect pour.
Namche Bazar Incense by Astier de Villatte, $82
Shiso Daydream Tea by Leaves and Flowers, $43.50
Turmeric Wellness Tea by Leaves and Flowers,$38.50
Tea For Two Eau de Toilette by L'Artisan, $298
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