The Living Collection

Building a life's collection one treasure at a time...

Over the years we have owned Tessuti, perhaps one of our greatest joys is to watch our customer's (and our own!) collections grow. Unique pieces made by skilled artisans, peppered with functional hard wearing objects, that all sit amongst life's treasured; the little things picked up along the way, either inherited or found.

The idea of building one's story, either from scratch or from a lifetime of gathering, is a motivation for us that will not surpass. It is the thrill in finding new ways to display each item, that reveal the reasons to enjoy, entertain, and explore a home. Each bowl, vase, tablecloth or book is an insight into one's character and lifelong story...

Astier de Villatte Nautilus Vase, $998.
DCW editions Paris La Lampe Frenchin, $2785.
Astier de Villatte Peggy Three Tier Fruit Stand, $898.
Astier de Villatte Platinum Pot, $270.
Astier de Villatte Sepia Rose Vase, $698.
Astier de Villatte Woodstock Platter on Stand, $759.
Erbavoglio Milano Allium in Pot Copper Flower Sculpture, $1810.
R+D Lab Luisa 1LT Carafe $230.
Astier de Villatte Rocaille Vase, $569.
kn Industrie Lade Anne Moka - 4 Tazze, $239.
Tsé Tsé Associées Vase d'Avril $415.
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