Walker & Bing — Contemporary Roaming

Rosemary, tulip, poppy and daisy...


Created locally by Nikki Walker and Darya Bing, Walker & Bing applies a fine art discipline to multiple textile design projects. Their scarves are works of art, created on conceptual themes and utilising paint, ink, print-making and drawing techniques.

We welcome in their new collection, Contemporary Roaming, that features a range of vibrant neckties, head scarves and sarongs that nod to nostalgia, melancholy and wild flora...

Poppy Silk Scarf, $220
Rosemary Modal Scarf, $224
The Tulip Scarf (pictured right) was made from the heart. Taking inspiration from an existing watercolour painting, intimate in meaning to the artist, the pattern was designed by printing, scanning and recolouring the original artwork. Sublime textures and detail are suggestive of the wild flower's movement on a spring afternoon.
Tulip Scarf, $127
Glory Modal Scarf, $224
Daisy Scarf, Black White, $217

The Block Print Scarf in Japanese Blue (pictured left) features an abstract pattern that has its own narrative of line and intensity. The making of this design involved running a pattern marker over a square block. The block was printed onto fabric four times, with no re-inking between each print. This unique technique has resulted in a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

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