Wedding Gifts

Treasured heirloom pieces to begins one's own collection...

The declaration and joining together of two people in love is one of the most powerful acts one can be a part of - both to experience and to witness.

With summer being the most popular season to state one's vows, we have compiled a selection of wedding gifts that echo the ceremony's sentiment: these gifts are beautiful and practical, made to last, and unique as its receivers. Because love is forever. And wedding gifts should be too.

Baina Classic Bathing Set, $489
Ceri Price Medusa Brass Candlestick, $355
Astier de Villatte Bac Large Oval Platter, $349
David Mellor Pride Cutlery 3 Piece, 4 Place Setting, $552
R+D Lab Trulli Pepper Mill, $235
Maison de Vacances Gingham Linen Square Table Cloth, Creme, $268
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Tsé Tsé Vase d'Avril, $415
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