Aurelia Chandeliers


Aurelia Chandeliers / Pearl / Gold

The Aurelia Chandeliers, the signature piece for Maya x Charlotte's Aurelia Collection. These earrings are inspired by the wonders found in the dark depths of the ocean. Resembling jellyfish, a species that allows nature to guide their path, symbolising flow, sensation and intuition. The luminescence of jellyfish forms are reflected in the way the charm's mottled texture catches the light.

Dimensions : Width - 24.5mm, Total hanging length - 50mm

14k Gold Plate with Pearl. 


  • Care instructions: Always put any pearl jewellery on after using perfume, hairspray or any alcohol-based cosmetics.
  • Avoid wearing pearls in the shower, while swimming, or washing dishes.
  • Store in a soft-cloth pouch to avoid rubbing against other jewellery. Scratches on pearls cannot be polished, unlike gold.
  • Do not use cleaners, chemicals, solvents or ultra-sonic machines to clean pearls, simply wipe with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth to polish & clean.


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