Christian Tortu Forêts Gift Set


Experience the forest at its most alive. The resin and needles of the pine tree, the leaves and wood of the Virginian cedar, the tree moss and fresh grass, all blend together with a tart, almost juicy note, as if they were carried on crisp, clean air still moist from days of rainfall. An addictive, unique and unparalleled treat for lovers of forest scents.

Christian Tortu Paris Forêts Gift Set - includes 450g Pot-Pourri, and 100mL Room Spray.

This gift set will arrive beautifully gift-wrapped.


  • Scent family - Woods
  • Evergreen, cedar, tree moss
  • Pot-Pourri: 450g of arabic gum, eucalyptus walnuts and boxwood leaf
  • Room Spray: 100mL spray in glass bottle.
  • Made in France