Giverny Candle


As I sat sipping tea in Monet’s garden, I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the soft aroma of juniper berries drifting through the air. The vibrant colours of the flowers and the gentle rustling of the leaves made me feel at peace. I took a deep breath and felt the happiness of clary sage envelop me, its soothing fragrance calming my senses.

Blend: Pure essential oils of Clary Sage / Juniper Berry / Siberian Fir.

Scent Description: Earthy / Herbal / Green.

The candle you receive may differ from the one pictured (slightly) due to its handmade nature.


  • Size: 225g.
  • 7.2 (h) x 7cm (Ø).
  • Handmade in New Zealand.
  • These candles by fú fú La Boutique Aromatique are one of a kind. Every item is hand-made, incorporating all-natural aromas derived from essentials, absolutes, and plant-based extracts that are sustainably sourced. The braided pure-cotton wick is made with a variety of quality raw materials.
  • This candle is designed as a double structure. Hand-poured pure clean burning coconut wax is found on the inside, surrounded by soy wax on the outside. The wick has been developed to be the proper size to ensure the dried flowers do not burn easily. However, the fire may burn if it reaches specific burning times. It also depends on the presence or absence of wind. We suggest you burn the candle for no longer than 3 hours. If the above happens, please extinguish the fire at once, remove the burnt dried flowers, and reignite the candle.