Les Igloos de Nuit Criblé (Riddled)


In sunlight, the Night Igloos are almost invisible. Only a few discreet details (a subtle groove, a little crater or a smooth curve) catch the eye. In the evening the paper thin porcelain lets candle light glow softly underneath. The Night Igloos are either smooth, striped or riddled, in matte porcelain. They are accompanied by a saucer.


  • Dimensions - 9cm diameter base (cup), 13cm diameter (plate), 8.5cm high
  • Materials: Matt white porcelain, handmade in France. Tealight candle included.
  • Care Instructions - To avoid being burnt, only handle the base of the igloo and move it while holding the saucer. Blow the candle out through the top of the igloo, as the cover will become quite hot.


Tsé & Tsé Associées

Since 1991, Catherine Lévy and Sigolene Prébois have been designing objects they have then manufactured and distributed all over the world, under the Tsé & Tsé associées. Their taste for long lasting, easy to live with objects has taken them far from the ephemeral waves of fashion. It's not easy to date their objects - they are neither longwinded nor ostentatious; you appreciate them when you use them.

They are indeed practical, but they also like to surprise and please, stepping slightly aside from the usual, with beautiful colours and twinkling, humoristic references to details from many cultures.