Vase d'Avril XXL


The Vase d'Avril XXL is one of Tsé & Tsé's symbolic creations. It has a metallic structure with 12 interlocking glass tubes which can be articulated in numerous ways. You can fragment the vase into two distinct segments, and after removing one of the tubes from the chain, the two tail-ends can be joined to create a ring.

Better still, if you are lucky enough to own several, you can join them and stretch it out infinitely. A few flowers is all it takes to adorn this signature vase.


  • Dimensions - 18cm high, 24-69cm total length, each test tube is 5cm in diameter.
  • Materials: Glass and steel coated with zinc. After using it in water, the metal becomes oxidised: a white rust veil appears.
  • Care Instructions - To transport the vase from sink to mantelpiece, and/or to arrange your bouquet, it is best to firmly bundle the vase wholly assembled with both hands. Very gentle hand wash in luke warm water using a bottle brush with mild detergent.
  • Includes a handy spare glass tube. Extra tubes also available seperately.


Tsé & Tsé Associées

Tsé & Tsé associées is a French design company, one of the very rare ones to have remained independent from its launching in 1991. It was founded by two Parisian designers, Sigolene Prébois and Catherine Lévy. The Tsé & Tsé team, comprised of less than ten people, masters the design of objects from their conception to their production and distribution. Prototypes are created in their workshop in the Bastille area of Paris. Every object requires special research in finding the best quality manufacturers. Noble materials are used, according to traditional know-how, that favour quality and long life for the objects. Because of this, lamps, dishes and furniture are made in small series, sometimes individually and rarely over 1000 item per year. Every item is unique, and these differences are Tsé & Tsé's inimitable signature. The two designers began creating objects for themselves, in order to savour every moment of everyday living. The sense of wonder with which they see everyday objects shines through all their creations. Some years later, most of their objects have become bestsellers, while remaining as fresh and delightful as ever. Their latest creations fit in with the others to form an expanding, most original universe.


Tsé Tsé Associées Studio Visit, Paris

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