Festive Feasting — Preparations and The Menu

Many hands make light work...

In preparation for feasting with family and friends over the holiday period we will be sharing our cherished Tessuti family recipes. These humble dishes nod to the traditional but are light and seasonal with emphasis on fresh, green produce to celebrate summertime gatherings. Remember many hands make light work! 

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Recipe for Herbed Butter

—500g of organic butter at room temperature

—Two handfuls of your favourite fresh herbs (parsley and a spring of rosemary work well)

—A teaspoon of sea salt (smoked if you have it!)


Finely chop herbs. In a metal mixing bowel place the butter, herbs and salt. With a fork work the ingredients together until the herbs and butter are one and evenly spread. Place a sheet of baking paper (about 20cm in length) on your kitchen bench. Scoop the herbed butter across the bottom of the paper in an even line, leaving enough room at each end to twist the sides. Roll the log of butter to the end of the paper, twist sides and place in fridge to set until serving. (This can be made many days in advance!) 

Recipe for Green Potatoes

—20 Organic baby potatoes

—150g of Herbed Butter

—200g of fresh pesto (or if you are in New Zealand look out for Waiheke Herbs: organic Herb Spread this is a simple, fresh and quick way to add zest and flavour to this dish)

—A pinch of smoked salt and pepper to taste

—Parmesan Cheese


Bring the potatoes to the boil with 2 x teaspoon of salt in the water. We want the potatoes to be really done and as soft as possible. Take them off the heat, drain and cool. In a small pan on a low heat melt the butter and set aside. When the potatoes have cooled enough to handle pick up each one and press into it with you thumb before dropping into a bowl. The potatoes should break and fall apart. After you have done this add the butter, pesto, salt and pepper. Mix gently. Serve with a healthy shaving of parmesan on top!

Festive Feasting

A Simple and Delicious Christmas Glaze

—1 1/2 cups brown sugar

—1/2 cup liquid honey

—1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

—2 TB seeded mustard

—Cloves for studding the diamond cut ham fat

A Simple and Delicious Christmas Glaze
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