Tessuti Library - Issue 01

A tactile compilation of our most cherished objects and gatherings...

Our very own Tessuti publication serves as a celebration of the partnerships and collaborations our store has enjoyed over the thirty three years of operation. Gentle, lush imagery that we have created and made together as a team, serve as an overarching mood that encapsulates all that Tessuti discovers, champions, and experiences.

Accented with quotes from makers we admire, the Tessuti Library - Issue 01 is reflective of the seasons that have existed within the Tessuti community: autumn for creation; winter for rest; spring for growth and renewal; and summer for ultimate joy. We are very excited to share this with you...

Tessuti Library - Issue 01 features photography by Greta van der Star, Ophelia Jones, Yasmine Ganley & Jiho Yun. Styling & direction by Alison McIntosh. Design by Natasha Sawicki Mead of 1/1 Studio.
Cloth bound soft-cover. 138 pages. 22.5 x 16cm.
Tessuti Library - Issue 01, $38.00
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