Charlotte Penman

Celebrating the arrival of Charlotte Penman's Fine Collection..

Charlotte Penman’s jewelry is a physical extension of the elegant language and enchanted touch that its maker embodies. It is a manifestation of magic dreamt up by Charlotte herself— a woman we have honored in the Tessuti family for many, many years.

Gracefully dancing between mothering three children, making home and seeing the world, Charlotte innately spends long hours designing and making in her beautiful home studio. Surrounds by fruit trees and Nikau palms, she designs incredible rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets for us all to lust over and wear with joy! Today we celebrate Charlotte as we introduce her Fine Collection of solid gold pieces to Tessuti alongside her beautiful staples. We are excited to share with you a selection of rings to mark significant occasions, gestures of love or special gift to self that will over time become a family heirloom…

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Francis Eternity Band—$1995 NZD
Wild Disk Chandeliers—$420 NZD
Celeste Ring | White Gold | Grape Garnet & White Diamonds— $3200 NZD
Aphrodite Earrings—$265 NZD
Vida Ring | 9k Gold | Green Sapphire & White Diamonds—$2750 NZD
My motivation has always been about creative expression, working with my hands and making people happy— Charlotte Penman
River Hoops—$179 NZD
Cascade Earrings— $135 NZD
Tata Hoops—$205 NZD
Wave Chandeliers | Gold—$285 NZD
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