Lady Anne Moka - 4 Tazze


Coffee, the sine qua non of Italian lifestyle. The coffee maker, a project interpreted and styled countless times by designers in Italy and abroad, finds in Lady Anne the charm of tradition, which is deeply rooted in the collective imagination, combined with the contemporary appeal of classical forms.

Drawing inspiration from the silver coffee sets of the 18th century, Lady Anne is both a highly functional tool to make coffee and a highly refined way to serve it.

Made of aluminum with stonewashed finish, the simple line of the body contrasts with the sinuousness of the handle, ergonomic and heat-insulating, made of multi-curve bakelite, an ornamental element that characterises the project. On the lid, the decorative bakelite knob allows for easy opening.

Designed by Lara Caffi for knIndustrie Italia.

Makes 4 espresso cups. H:18cm x W: 15cm x D: 15cm.

Materials: Aluminium with stonewashed finish, ergonomic handle made of insulating bakelite.

The coffee maker can be used on electric or gas hobs. Not suitable for induction.


  • Care: Hand wash only.
  • Handmade in Italy by knIndustrie.