Cornet Pendant Light - Large (Matte Porcelain)


Majestic and delicate, the large hanging Cornet pendant magnifies the translucent beauty of porcelain. In its solitary form, it elegantly rules over a kitchen space. Grouped together, the large Cornets can hang over a dining table, in a line or in a joyfully asymmetrical manner.

The Cornet Lamps are handmade and each of them has a unique character...


  • Dimensions - H 26cm / D 23.5cm.
  • Materials: Matte porcelain. Handmade in France.
  • Comes with 2m of transparent electric wiring, and a metal hook which hangs from shade, 220v.
  • Slight imperfections show the originality of these pendants, and should not be considered defaults.
  • This is an oversized item. Please see our shipping page for freight details.


Tsé & Tsé Associées

Since 1991, Catherine Lévy and Sigolene Prébois have been designing objects they have then manufactured and distributed all over the world, under the Tsé & Tsé associées. Their taste for long lasting, easy to live with objects has taken them far from the ephemeral waves of fashion. It's not easy to date their objects - they are neither longwinded nor ostentatious; you appreciate them when you use them.

They are indeed practical, but they also like to surprise and please, stepping slightly aside from the usual, with beautiful colours and twinkling, humoristic references to details from many cultures.