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Celebrating the inspiration behind 'Sensory Overload'...

Each Good & Co scarf, created from photographs that New Zealander Lillie Toogood has taken on her travels, is a beautiful combination of luxurious tactility, pattern and colour. 'Sensory Overload' Lillie's AW16 collection of wearable artworks are inspired by her time recently spent in India. To celebrate the new collection, we asked Lillie to share some of her favourite travel moments from a place she describes as 'organised chaos'... 

1. (Image above) INDIA School Outing: Taken on the beach in Fort Kochi, Southern Kerala, I managed to catch this gorgeous scene as we were leaving. Such a smartly-dressed class of school kids, either on an outing at the beach or passing through to their next destination.

2. INDIA Lunch: I took this photo out the side of a Tuk Tuk while we were stuck in traffic in Delhi. I thought this guy looked like such a character and loved watching him casually moving his mobile lunch shop around to willing customers.

3. INDIA Spice Markets: In New Delhi we spent our last day hooning around the streets in a Tuk Tuk, visiting the landmarks of the city. These spice markets were a complete assault on our nasal passages... the colours and sheer amount of spices were just mind blowing - a cook's dream.

4. INDIA Monkeys: These two greeted us at the entrance to the Amer Forte outside of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Monkeys and palaces go hand-in-hand in India - still a novelty for us though! So cute.

5. INDIA Fort Kochi: This photo taken in Kochi, Kerala, nicely sums up what we saw everywhere, in all states we visited. Men in skirts on bikes, and the famous Indian trucks. I never got sick of either.

6. INDIA Taj: Our sunrise visit to the famous Taj Mahal was as mind blowing as everyone said it would be. A complete tourist magnet but worth the journey and endless harassment from the local people. This shot is taken of the reflection of the Taj in the shallow pools in front of it.

7. INDIA Taj Visitors: Some fellow visitors to the famous tomb. We were quiet surprised to be joining not only international visitors viewing the Taj, but many visitors from around India as well. Up to 4 million people visit it each year, so we were lucky to get in at all! ​

8. INDIA Houseboat: ​Our quiet sojourn in a traditional houseboat along the backwaters of Alleppey. A moment of calm amongst the madness. ​

9. INDIA Chaos: ​For me this photo sums up India - organised chaos. Snapped out the window of a train as we travelled from Jaipur to Agra.

10. INDIA sacks: Sacks of seeds lined up outside a shop on an uncommonly quiet back street in Delhi.

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