Introducing Studiopatro Linens

We are very excited to introduce you a new Tessuti exclusive - beautiful new linen pieces from Studiopatro who create functional and fabulous accessories for your home.

I love that the simple kitchen towel can become a special token and still remain its humble and hard-working self.” 

Their handprinted tea towels and aprons use eco-friendly water-based inks, all in an effort to realize the Studiopatro mission: everything in the home should be useful and beautiful. To celebrate, we caught up with Christina Weber of Studiopatro to hear about her musings, making pizza from scratch and a quote from film maker Jim Jarmusch… Enjoy!


- When did you start creating your linens and what was the motivation for doing so?

I started Studiopatró four years ago to follow a passion to make beautiful things for the home. My background is in graphic design, and I spent years designing with ink-on-paper, designing catalogs for Williams-Sonoma, art directing photography and working with talented food stylists and chefs. And I love to cook and bake, so kitchen gear was on the forefront, and the tea towel became a natural canvas for new designs. Now I love working with the texture of ink-on-linen.

- Tell us about your current collections that are in store at Tessuti. What were some of the inspirations for these pieces?

The Kitchen Apron design with the cross-tie back was inspired by food stylists I work with. They love the way it fits the body (loose or snug) and doesn't put a strain on the neck. I love playing with words as much as pattern and imagery, and the influence is clear in my designs. The COOK Tea Towel was inspired by reading recipes, and by all the double meanings of words in our language. The quote on the DEVOUR Tea Towel is from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, and speaks to the creative process in an inspirational way. It's especially popular with designers, architects and writers who've been known to frame it for their workspace. Stripes and dots are my longtime favorites… stripes have a wonderful energy, and dots are just so playful. I love having these patterns around me as an accent in the kitchen. The pattern of dots on a colander strainer inspired "Colander". I love simplicity, and this one is lovely in its humble self.

- Tell us a bit about your workshop space.

Our studio is one large room with wonderful natural light that looks out on a deck and garden. The walls are covered with snippets of designs, with color and pattern studies, and with photos and drawings that inspire me. It's here that the creative process takes place -- as well as the bookkeeping, marketing, tying of ribbons and mailing.


- Any artists/designers who work you admire? Where do you draw your inspiration for ideas from?

My favorites are Alexander Girard and Eva Zeisel… I simply never tire from looking at their work. And the work of architects always inspires me too. Lately, books on Jean Prouvé and Gio Ponti have been open in my studio.

- Best place to eat out?

I've been going to Woodward's Garden, a tiny spot in San Francisco's Mission District, for years. Owners Margie and Dana have become good friends, and their food is the best. Bar Jules on Hayes Street is another frequent stop. I love to sit at the bar, watch them cook, talk to everyone, eat and drink well. Cotogna, in Jackson Square, is always delicious and friendly. Best to go late afternoon or early evening, and hope for a place at the bar.

- Favourite dish to cook friends at home?

Pizza, but only with dough-from-scratch. I'll try anything on it, (lots of experimentation) and it's almost always perfect. AND fresh fruit galettes, all year long. My no-fail galette dough recipe is from Chez Panisse, and baking the galette on a pizza stone is a must.

- Where might we find you on a Sunday?

On a walk down to the beach by the Golden Gate Bridge, then coming home to garden or catch up on all sorts of household stuff.


See the range of Studiopatro linens in store or online here.

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