Interview with Nina For Flowers

"Wild and lovely, romantic and free" are the words used to describe Nina For Flowers. Not only do these words help to form a visual of Nina For Flowers' floral arrangements, they also give insight to Nina herself. Artfully displaying their natural beauty, in an unrestrained and uncluttered manner, Nina Powierza of Nina For Flowers has been working with flowers, instinctively, for over thirty years. 

With the recent launch of her new (and stunning!) website, we thought it was perfect timing to celebrate the florist, and talk to Nina about her seasonally favourite blooms and her plans to see Melbourne's gardens while driving shotgun in her friend's pale yellow Mustang...


We would love to know your flower story. What is your background and when did flowers start to steal your attention?

My love of flowers came about in Gisborne where I was born in 1964. At the age of four, I would seek out the neighbour's garden. An elderly man was absolutely devoted to his garden and there I found my passion picking and smelling sweet peas and blood red scented roses. I would lose myself for hours in this secret haven.

We absolutely love the flower arrangements you make for our store! When you're creating flower arrangements, how do you choose your flowers, colours, size, vases? 

I choose my flowers by season, and the knowing of the client, or just really by the mood that I am in.

Which other spaces do you create floral arrangements for?

 Miss Crabb, Ingrid Starnes and The Front Room Fabrics.

Which flowers are your personal favourites?

Sweet peas and papery scented roses. Oh! and the water lily is just so miraculous with its delicate scent .

Where do you work from? Can you describe this space?

I work from a basement, it's cool and a little bit dark. 

Do you like to work to music?

I like peace and quiet so do not work too well to music!

Best coffee in your neighbourhood?

I make my own coffee on the stove top.

Best eatery in your neighbourhood?

My friend Nicola's place. She is the best cook ever.

In your downtime, or on the weekends, how do you like to relax?

Horse riding. I am just crazy about my horse Olympia and the freedom it enables. The beautiful and forever-changing scenery during autumn. You get to witness every detail of the changing seasons and relish in the moment.

What are your plans for this year?

I plan to go to Melbourne in the springtime for a botanical tour of the most beautiful gardens that are sustainable and truly magical. I will be going with my dear friend in her pale yellow Mustang.


See more of Nina's work [here]

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