Sean's Panorama, Bondi Sydney

Sean's Panorama has been open since 1993, on our to-experience list for the last 2 years, and seats only 45 guests. Bookings are essential. Their seasonal plates, fuelled by their self-owned and operated farm located in The Blue Mountains, are made from fruit, vegetables, herbs, fish, meat and water all sourced from 'Farm Panorama'. 

The menu, put together by chefs Sam Robertson and Kate Konomos, and written up daily on a blackboard of the restaurant's wall, offers a simple bistro selection, ever so slightly hinting at those home-style classics. 

The table was set with the daily baked breads, fresh butter, olive oil and salt. The salt was served in a sweet little shell, and the butter came perfectly filled in a traditional French silver jar. For our main course, we chose the fresh Shaved Squash + Zucchini with Meredith Feta Salad and the irresistible Hand-rolled 'Pici' Noodles with Tomato, Rocket, Lemon + Parmesan. The dessert was also exceptional — on one plate: Blackberry Jelly with Peach Leaf Ice Cream and Gingernut Shortbread, and on the other: Pistachio Meringue with Raspberry, Lychee and Fresh Cream.

As the daylight left our view of Bondi beach, and the tropical thunderstorm-approaching clouds rolled in from the horizon, we took shelter inside the sunflower-lit room, while Sean's Panorama really lived up to it's name. 

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