Skin on Skin

Elegant, carnal and powerful — the new fragrance from L'Artisan.

Skin on Skin awakens our animalistic instincts... to touch, to get closer, to smell. It merges a sensual iris with a suede, velvet leather. Fierce and smooth at the same time, Skin on Skin is elegant, carnal and powerful.

Skin on Skin belongs to L'Artisan Parfumeur's recently launched collection, Les Explosions d'Emotions. It is a collection that challenged perfumer Bertrand to "evoke specific emotions through fragrances." Skin On Skin Eau de Parfum by L'Artisan — $332

[Collage above from left to right: Axel Lindahl for Bon,
Robert Mapplethorpe Irises NYC 1977, wild irises, Mothers Daughters by Katy Grannan.]

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