Lunch for Annabel Langbein

We absolutely love hearing about people enjoying their products from Tessuti, which is why this little story is well worth sharing...

Architects Donnell & Day were asked by Annabel Langbein to host a foodie party with recipes from her newly released cookbook 'A Free Range Life' summer annual. 

Their own house was to be the venue for this gathering, but with the weekend filling up with family events it was suddenly looming upon Donnell & Day that they needed to prepare a nice summery table for 14 guests with very little time to spare! Taking advice from a friend, they decided to organise and set their table a day or two in advance. The roses, rosemary and geraniums were all gathered from their own gardens and loosely placed in jars, the markets were visited for fresh vegetables, strawberries and bread, and the starters were served on pretty Rachel Carley plates purchased from Tessuti online - sorted!

What a lovely hint of colour and shape Rachel Carley's plates bring to the table of this light, summery lunch. In Donnell & Day's own words, "Such beautiful plates - we are looking forward to adding to our collection!"

You can see the full lunch served here

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