Erin Loechner - Super Mum

There are some women out there who manage to achieve the most remarkable things - running households of kids and keeping up with their demanding careers. These are what we like to call, Super Mums - the exceptional woman. 

Meet one of these ladies, Erin Loechner. Erin has been a member of the blogging world since 2006 with her popular Design for Mankind where she shares “creativity, inspiration and meaning in all disciplines.” After having her daughter, Bee, this past July, Erin launched a second blog in honor of all inspiring in the pint-size, kids variety. Most recently, Erin launched the female-centric site, Clementine Daily, that aims to create a space for real women living authentic-sometimes-frenzied-but-always-inspired lives.

Phew... that's one busy lady. 

We just found this interview with Erin on Design Sponge and thought it was a fantastic insight into Erin's world. She talks about starting her own business, balancing her business life with her family and kids, and everything in between. It is a lovely dash of inspirational reading on a Thursday afternoon. Enjoy!

"In your opinion, what are the top three things someone should consider before starting their own business?"

"You know, I think there’s just one thing to consider: are you passionate enough to start? Everything else can be taught or outsourced or discontinued or revised. But passion is innate – it’s what keeps you going when the day-to-day details and the reality of owning a business creep in. Passion is it."

Read the full interview here.

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