After an exceptional summer, we celebrate the first week of autumn...

 ... a season that brings us low golden light and leaves that turn an amber hue. The idea of quiet hiberantion starts to kick in and our attention falls on the wellbeing of ourselves and our homes...

Sarah Grey Organic Cashmere Throw — $890.00
Picardie Glass Amber Duralex France — $7.00 each

Georgia Jay Mon Tote in forest suede — $350.00
See our home and studio visit with local maker Georgia Jay [here]

Penney + Bennett Foal Linen Bed Cover — $519.00
Missoni Giacomo Hooded Robe Natural — $689.00

Ay Illiminate Z5 Light by Ay Illuminate — $645.00
Missoni Home Maremma Candle — $170.00

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